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Tunnel Run - Official Communication No.4

on Thursday, 21 January 2016. Posted in Road Running




Dear Tunnel Run Athlete, 

We are aware that Mr. Oosthuizen has contacted those of you who have supplied him with your e-mail addresses informing you that CMSC has not posted the letter received from his lawyer on the 13th of January 2016 on the Club’s running Facebook page. This is correct.

The said letter, we believe, contains numerous factual inaccuracies. Moreover, Mr Oosthuizen’s longwinded statement which was circulated to certain members contains numerous vexatious and defamatory remarks of our club and its officials – we are particularly offended by the baseless and cruel attack on the character of the Estelle Kock, who has served this club tirelessly and honestly over many years.

In any event, our lawyers have advised us that nothing which was said by either Mr Oosthuizen or his lawyer can, in law, even remotely be construed as justification for the sponsor’s failure to perform its contractual obligations to the club, the charity organisation and participants in the race. 

The matter has been handed over to our lawyers and club management has accordingly resolved not to be dragged into a “trial by correspondence“ with Mr Oosthuizen or his lawyers.

The sponsor has not honoured many of its agreed deliverables, as such we are required to follow the legal process in achieving the original goal of the race. The goal being that the benefiting charity receives the funds due to them and that the “goodie bag” entrants receive the promised goodie bags that they paid for or reimbursed accordingly. In an attempt to achieve this goal, the club has decided to make all relevant financial records of the race available to Mr Oosthuizen’s auditors, as was requested and we are now waiting in anticipation to see whether the sponsor will now perform its contractual obligations.

Once we have achieved this goal, we can all turn our attention and positive energy in to the organisation of this year’s Tunnel Run.  We continue to request your patience wrt this unfortunate situation post the event, which was never once anticipated by CMSC.


Kind regards,


Tunnel Run - Official Communication No.3

on Tuesday, 12 January 2016. Posted in Road Running

Tunnel Run 2015 Update No.3

12 January 2016


Dear Tunnel Runner / CMSC Club Member

We received the two attached documents from Alpha Zero regarding the goodie bags, payment to the CMSC and the Radiance Foundation.



 In brief they undertook to pay CMSC, the Great Wall winner and the charity on the 4th of January 2016.

We have confirmed that neither the Charity, nor the Great Wall winner, nor the Club have received any funds to date.

 We have on numerous occasions been requested by Alpha Zero to make all the email addresses of entrants available to them, in terms of the POPI Act we are unable to do so. If you wish to make your email address available to Alpha Zero, please email your details directly to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

CMSC will continue with the legal process started late last year and will continue to keep you informed on the developments.

All the best for 2016.


John Wileman

Chairman 2014/15


Tunnel Run - Official Communication No.2

on Saturday, 12 December 2015. Posted in Road Running

Tunnel Run 2015 Update No.2

12 December 2015 


Tunnel Run - Official Communication No.1

on Wednesday, 09 December 2015. Posted in Road Running

Tunnel Run 2015


1. Alpha Zero Consultants has reneged on their contractual obligation and a legal process is underway, details of which will follow in due course.

2. The entry fee of R800 was paid by entrants to, notwithstanding this, the supply of goodie bags was arranged by Alpha Zero. CMSC had no part in the selection of its contents, the procurement process or the delivery arrangements, In terms of the agreement between CMSC and Alpha Zero, Alpha Zero took full responsibility for the goodie bags.

3. All enquiries regarding the goodie bag  should be directed to Alpha Zero Consultants.

4. In terms of personal privacy policy the club will not give personal information out on members or non-member entrants into events facilitated by CMSC

Message From CMSC Chairman

Good Day fellow runners

I would like to thank you all for participating in the Tunnel Run, the feedback we received after the event was very positive and the club believes it was a success

We are now unfortunately faced with a situation that we did not anticipate, The Club & the Charity has not received payment from the Sponsor – Alpha Zero Consulting

We sent out a communication to this effect last night 8 December 2015 informing you that we are taking legal action against the sponsor.

It may seem that we have past on the responsibility to the athletes to deal with sponsor and to ensure that they come good on their commitments, but I wish to assure you that we will do everything in our power to ensure they deliver on their commitments.

Unfortunately, legal matters are not resolved over night, so please bare with us and we will inform you of any further development when they happen

Warm Regards


John Wileman