Club Kit

Below you can find a variety of CMC items.

Running tops are kept in stock, so please complete the form below to show interest and to help us maintain appropriate stock levels. 

Cycling tops and Trisuits are ordered as needs arise, so please contact us to add you to our list.

The other items we currently have in store.

To order any of our items, please send an email to and information on availability and payment details will be provided. 

Please note that prices may change due to suppliers costs. 

CMC Running Shirt R320

CMC Running Vest (M) R300

CMC Running Vest (F) R300

CMC Trail Shirts 


CMC Peak Caps 


CMC Cycling Top 

+/- R850 TBC

CMC Tri Suit

+/- R2300 TBC

CMC Swim Caps 


CMC Buffs


CMC Socks


CMC Protein Shaker