Meet The Team

Chairman - Johann de Wet

I've been a part of Cape Multisport Club since 2012, and part of the Committee since 2019. I enjoy endurance events, and to think up new challenges for all the cycling friends. I am very proud to be part of this passionate SwimBikeRun tribe! 

Vice Chairman - Annemarie Kropman

I am a triathlete wishing everyone else could find their joy in their chosen sport, whether they are leading the pack, or bringing up the rear, as long as they are having fun doing it. I refuse to acknowledge that I have an addiction and have surrounded myself with enablers of this addiction.

Secretary and Admin - Louise Boltmann

I am the Admin Auntie for CMC. I started running to get my husband back into running and found I loved it. And then I had my rubber arm twisted to take part in an Ironman 70.3 (mostly for the holiday in Vietnam that came with it) and loved that too. 

Now I get FOMO for everything swimbikerunsocial and try to have fun and sprinkle some joy where ever I go.

Treasurer - Dawn Claase

I am a retired Chartered Accountant. I joined the CMC family in 2017 and now handles the accounting side of the club from my new home in the Eastern Cape. I has been cycling since 1995 and taking part in triathlons since 2013.

My goal was to make the club financially stable as I joined at a time when it needed an injection of some oomph. I am happy to say our goal has been reached

Social Media - Jana Olivier

I am responsible for most of the SWIMBIKERUN fun you see on our social media pages! I am a triathlete by heart and absolutely love to see what everyone is up to on social media. Remember to tag CMC, so I can meet you online.

Swim/Triathlon Captain -  

Elmaree Stapelberg

I SwimBikeRun - very average but I love all 3 disciplines so don't make me choose! 

I've been a part of CMC since 2012 and am currently captaining Triathlon and Swimming.

My interest in triathlon started after a knee operation and cycling and swimming were part of my rehab. The rest, as they would say, is history!

I am very fond of open water swimming and am pleased to see a rising interest in the sport at the club.

Triathlon Vice Captain - 

Cythna Engelbrecht

I have been a cmc member since 2014. Yes, I help out with triathlon, but I am a keen trailrunner and cyclist too…oh, and long distance openwater swimming is another discipline I enjoy. 

I have always loved the outdoors and can easily spend my whole weekend doing sport.

Swim Vice Captain - 

Mignon Du Toit

I am passionate about swimming and sport. I enjoy doing outdoor activities with my husband and daughter. 

I love people.

Favourite saying: “Never say never.

Running Captain -  

Pieter Malan

Running and I found each other late in life but I'm doing my best to make up for lost time! People get old because they stop running... they don't stop running because they are old. 

After joining New Balance in 2009, my enthusiasm for running and our club grew year on year.  It lead to me becoming the running captain of CMC in 2022, a responsibility that I both take seriously and enjoy thoroughly.  My aim is to support and motivate all CMC runners so that they can achieve their goals and keep running forever!

Running Vice Captain - 

Mark Stokell

Slow ex fast runner currently a little forgetful but always willing to help if you prepared to ask 3 times

Trail Running Captain - 

Erik Willaimson

Erik, a passionate and determined trail runner from Cape Town, finds solace and challenge in the rugged mountains and trails of the Western Cape, using running as a means of self-discovery and personal growth. With a spirit of adventure and a love for the outdoors, Erik inspires others to embrace the mountains and push their limits, and has found a sense of purpose and belonging in the trail running community.

Cycling Captain - Herman Hattingh

Cycling has been part of me for most of my life. I have participated in many forms of the sport and my 1st choice will always be the MTB. The outdoors is my sanctuary.

I also enjoy the Road, and the thrill of that thin, silent, tire rolling over the tar.
Ultra marathon races are my favourites. The battle of the Human Spirit, to overcome one’s challenges is what always inspires me to do more, not just on the bike but in real life as well.
I’m fond of running as well and really enjoy a good trail run.

I joined the club 3years ago to meet more fellow cycling enthusiasts. However this has now involved in running friends as well 

Cycling Vice Captain - David Dommisse

I’ve started cycling relatively late in my life, and now do my best to catch up all those lost years.

I started off as a road cyclist and soon found the pleasure of MTB, that feeling of being a kid again on the trails and in nature.

My favorite “races” in the calendar are (in no specific order) the Double Century and the TransBaviaans. I’ve completed 12 DCs and 5 Baviaans races – and don’t plan to stop soon.

If you see me on a CMC ride, pull up, and we can have a lekker chat!