Munga Zwift Event

THE MUNGA GRIT – Official Zwift Race – 15 June 2024


All Zwifter’s we are extremely excited about the Zwift Munga 250 km Race, now officially on ZWIFT.

- We will all be riding on a preselected Specialized Crux Gravel bike…it is the MUNGA !(not road bike)

- Start at 6h05 AM – SA Time 5h05 Londen Time (no late join or coffee breaks – sorry it is a RACE)

- There will be a few Lucky draw prizes, but the MAIN prize will be an entry to the Munga Grit Northwest

event. You need to finish the full-distance event to qualify for this prize.

- There are no official coffee breaks during the event. However, we urge you to please be safe and

healthy on the bike; take regular breaks and rest to eat and hydrate, it is going to be a long time on the


- Although it is an Individual event (no teams – next one will be a Team race), we will allow you to ride in

groups, we already have a few - if you want to join them informally or socially contact us.

- Come start the day with us, ride as far as you want, or go the full distance. This event is a 1st for

Southern Africa, and we want to thank Jack Black Race Director of IRL THEMUNGA for allowing CMC to

Host this Epic event.

- There will be overall Category winners for both the Ladies and Men’s competitors, but the MAIN results

will be for Age Category Winners. Riders complete their relevant age categories, as set out by the UCI

Age categories – se below.

- Results will be extracted from ZwiftPower (ensure that you are registered on ZwiftPower). Results of the

Top 5 riders (RSA or Namibian riders only) will be published – The Prizes are also only for RSA or

Namibian based riders.

- The Pens are allocated to the age groups as per below. Make sure you enter the correct PEN (not as

normal Zwift races). We all start same time, and we can all see other groups/riders.

o Enter into the category that matches your age on your birthday in the current year:

A: 18-39 years B: 40-49 years

C: 50-59 years D: 60-69 years

E: 70 years and over

Female riders add 10 years to your age on your birthday in the current year to select a category.

- With the help of Zwiftpower, we will further split the results into 5-year UCI age categories.

- Heart rate is compulsory if you want to qualify in a podium position in your category.

- We are working on some additional prizes. Information will be shared when these are finalised.

- Special WhatsApp group link if you want to join us.

- We will be on Discord voice to talk to one another - Details to be shared later.

- For any additional information or questions, please contact via WhatsApp.

Mario +27832661937, or

Gerhard +27716176629

THE MUNGA is an IRL event for those that do not know – A few Races all over Namibia and South Africa and the MAIN race in November 2024 that is one of the toughest and most grueling Cycling events in the world… For any details and information on the IRL Munga - Catherine Greer +27 83 399 3153


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